Techno Brain – Adopt A Tree Initiative

Techno Brain – Adopt A Tree Initiative

As part of the Foundation’s Environmental campaign; Adopt-a-tree initiative was thought of as a way to simultaneously encourage social and environmental responsibility in Techno Brain by bringing employees together. Each Techno Brain country head subsequently pledged a specific number of trees to be planted for 2015; with the Kenyan team pledging 3000 trees and the U.S. a whopping 15000 trees.



Techno Brain Kenya employees participated in this project in collaboration with KENVO (Kijabe Environment Volunteers). Employees were encouraged to donate to this project by purchasing a leaf or leaves that would go towards purchasing a seedling(s). Every contribution made by the employees went into purchasing the seedlings and catering for the post care. Kenya team came up with their own individual project while using their own budget for this initiative. KENVO facilitated the entire exercise from first planting to post planting care. Moreover, they assisted in planting 2,500 trees on behalf of Techno Brain while the remaining 500 were planted by the employees together with their families, who were invited to attend the tree planting at Kereita Forest, Limuru.



Dzalanyama has been overly deforested over the years and hence has lost its wildlife that attracted tourist from all over the world. Malawian Government appealed to private sector for help in restoring trees by planting new ones. Techno Brain Malawi partnered with the Lilongwe Water Board and the Office of the President to plant 5000 trees. Our Malawi employees planted 2000 trees during this event while the Malawi government donated 3000 trees. The government went further ahead to mobilize chiefs, students and villagers to support the project. The guest of honor was the Respected Traditional Leader and Honorable George Mkondiwa Chief of Staff, who is the Traditional Authority of Dzalanyama Area.



As part of the campaign to restore degraded forests which is in line with the Techno Brain “go green campaign”, Techno Brain Uganda in partnership with National Forestry Authority Uganda planted five hectares of Mahogany equivalent to 5000 trees. The event was presided over by TBUL representative Mr. Rajeev, Mr. Odeke NFA marketing Manager and the representative of the local community whom, each planted a tree signifying the new relationship between both organizations and the kick starting of the activity.



In our Burundi branch, we have planted 40 trees against a pledge of 500. The area where these trees were planted is facing several landsides and soil erosions, so we chose to plant trees to help prevent more landslides and protect the river and the people living in the area.



Techno Brain Ethiopia planted 1000 trees in an area called Deberzeit, which is 50 Kilometers from Addis Ababa. They worked together with the Municipality of Deberzeit city. The Ethiopia team were also joined by their families and planted an impressive 50 trees per person.



Last but not least, we have planted about 15000 trees in the United States as earlier stated. This is the region that went over and above with the tree planting initiative and was quite a humbling as well as a proud moment for the Techno Brain community as a whole.

Aside from this being a social responsibility it is also one of the best ways of becoming carbon neutral and thus becoming a ‘Green Institution’.

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