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Revenue Management System

RevenueACA (Assessment, Collection and Accountability) is Techno Brain’s Cloud based Revenue management system (RMS) and billing solution designed to assist Local Authorities to monitor and manage all their income sources and automate their billing cycles. It is a  Geographical management System (GIS) supported Revenue Collection & Management solution that encompasses the whole revenue cycle from collection, management and reporting with business intelligence capabilities.

The GIS helps to map and visualize assets/revenue sources (inventorize revenue streams) for proper management and increasing visibility and accountability within the Assembly’s. Various collection channels are supported like mobile money, cash, and bank deposits with auto reconciliation enabling you to focus energies on enhancement and enforcement of collections. Our RMS solution also has integration capabilities via secure API to the banks, local Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) thus eliminating duplication of efforts and manual intervention and protect from revenue leakages.

Non Tax Revenue Management System Overview    

Value Proposition

  • Receipting/Invoicing and Reporting.
  • Cashless Payment.
  • Mobile money, Internet Banking, E-wallet, Card Based Payments.
  • Customer Generated Reports.
  • Dashboard Analysis
  • Business Intelligence.
  • Mapped Revenue Streams
  • Spatial Analysis.
  • System Alerts.
  • Online Applications.
  • Case Management.
  • Email and SMS Alerts.
  • Local ERP Systems.
  • Central Government IFMIS integration.
  • TELCO mobile money platform.
  • Banks/Financial Institutions.
  • Mobile data collection.
  • Live field collection updates.
  • Workforce management.
  • On Spot receipting on POS device.

End To End Non-Tax Revenue Management Process   

Registration and GIS Mapping

Assessment – Potential to be collected

Comprehensive Tax Register – Single Source of Truth

Proactive Billing and Collection – email, SMS notification

Digital Services facilitates 24/7 self service payment and interraction

Enforcement and compliance – bridge gap between taxes owed and collected

Leverage data with analytics to improve compliance and tax payer services

The role of Geographic Information System(GIS) in the system

Property/Land Rates


Business Licensing


Market Fees



  • Domain Consulting for sharing best practices
  • Business Process Re-engineering Services
  • Tailored solutions to fit customer needs
  • Integration Design and Development.
  •  Change Management Program for quick adoption.
  •  Data Optimization and Migration Support
  • Extensive training for Knowledge transfer and in-house Capacity Building


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