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Techno Brain launched the First Testing and Quality Assurance Center in Africa. The Center, located in Nairobi, Kenya comes in response to meeting the needs of a growing tech-savvy young generation and enabling job creation and economic growth.

What We Offer

Application And Software Compatibility


We embrace innovative data-centric approaches to help in detecting, preventing and remediating application compatibility problems in relation to the Operating System, browsers, database, hardware, mobile devices, and networks that would prevent end-users from performing deployment, migration, usability and functionality of the software.

Security Testing


We offer clients the ability to improve the security posture of their platforms, applications, databases, networks and devices.

Security testing that identifies vulnerability against various attacks and helps assess security posture and remediate potential threats to protect critical business assets, end-to-end connected devices security that determines threats and takes proactive remediation measures.

Privacy Compliance


Privacy is an important part of our application development and testing cycle. When built into a system, privacy requirements substantiate a system’s compliance with fundamental privacy objectives and applicable privacy regulatory guidance. Privacy testing also verifies that a computer system meets the privacy requirements used to help design and develop the application. It is a preemptive step to ensure that systems are properly designed to protect Personally Identifiable Information and then work as expected.

Application Development & Support Services


We not only help build and run your IT applications projects successfully, but also supports optimization of application performance to gain the benefits of business intelligence. From specialized ERP support and BI / Data warehouse services to custom software development, Quality Assurance, and Robotics, we help you realize a return on investment while minimizing risk.

Azure Development



Azure DevOps is a set of practices intended to reduce the time between committing a change to a system and the change being placed into normal production while ensuring high quality.

DevOps a software development method that stresses communication, collaboration and integration between software developers and IT operations professionals.

About Us

  • 20 years of experience in manual, automated testing.
  • Working with web/cloud, mobile and desktop platforms.
  • Processes aligned with ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and CMMI models.
  • Providing services in full cycle development and independently.
  • Regular project audits and people skills review.
  • Using ISTQB foundation and Agile as body of language.
  • High level knowledge sharing and support by Quality Management Office experts.
  • DevOps to DevSecOps: Security as integral part of DevOps, instead of keeping it at the tail-end of release.

Standards we use


OWASP application security verification standard


PTES and pentest penetration testing execution standard


ISSAF information systems security assessment framework

Tools we use

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Resource capacity

Success Stories

  • Azure


  • Development

  • CCNA

Techno Brain, Engineering Business aim to create 1000 jobs in Kenya

Techno Brain, Engineering Business aim to create 1000 jobs in Kenya

Techno Brain Kenya has partnered with Microsoft Corporation to launch the first ever testing and quality assurance centre in Africa. The Centre has the potential of creating 1000 jobs opportunities for the Kenyan youth and position Kenya as a preferred choice for highly skilled engineering, quality assurance and testing work in Africa.
Techno Brain Unveils First Microsoft Software Testing Centre In Africa

Techno Brain Unveils First Microsoft Software Testing Centre In Africa

Techno Brain Unveils First Microsoft Software Testing Centre in Africa

Nairobi, Kenya – 2 May 2018: Techno Brain has partnered with Microsoft Corporation to launch the first ever testing and quality assurance center in Africa. The Center, stationed in Nairobi, Kenya, is only the fourth of such outsourced centres for microsoft.



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PO Box 57666-00200, Heritan House Woodlands Road, Off. Argwings-Kodhek Road Opposite to DOD Headquarters, Nairobi, Kenya

Tel. +254 738 770 186/ 734 770 187
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