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Our journey towards success is built on the philosophy of progressive inclusiveness. This philosophy is richly reflected in Our Techno Brain Foundation. Being a non profit undertaking, the foundation began with contributions from employees, directors and company profits. Its sole purpose is to empower the disadvantaged youth and to help them take their rightful place in the African growth story.

The Foundation aims to rewrite the stories of those who come from underprivileged backgrounds by creating programs and initiatives that align with this vision.

The Program identifies young men and women who have academic potential, and provides the required support system to keep them in school and on the track to success.

In association with other environmental organisations, The Foundation has planted over 100,000 in the last few years and this initiative has also seen them offer their technical expertise to assist organizations involved in protecting the welfare of wildlife, ensuring biodiversity for the generations to come. With a number of projects in the pipeline, and a vision for Africa firmly in place, Techno Brain is all set to pave the way for sustainable development by empowering the lives of the youth.


Capacity Building

Our Capacity building programs and Impact Sourcing initiative form some of our Youth Empowerment activities.

Knowledge Transfer: Techno Brain maintains a mutually collaborative relationship across various organizations, educational facilities and the Public Sector. Some of our academic partners include; Microsoft for Africa, SAP Skill for Africa and The Government of Kenya.

Academic Alliance: Techno Brain seeks to establish centers of excellence at prestigious institutions of higher learning across Africa. The focus of the centers will be to offer for the first time in Africa, high-end ICT training in the areas of banking, insurance, finance, marketing, and human resources, using the latest state-of-the-art ICT equipment and technology tools.

Innovation: Techno Brain is committed to finding new and sophisticated methods of providing products and services to customers that would continue to increase our revenue exponentially.

Educational Funding: Partnering with various financial institutions, Techno Brain provides assistance in loan applications that will essentially assist students to be able to take various courses offered by the company.

Internship and Job Placement: By setting up and partnering with various centers of education, Techno Brain has been able to provide ICT certifications, mentorship, internships and subsequent employability by developing and sustaining students’ ICT talent.

Impact Sourcing

Impact sourcing is a responsibility of the business communities to create business models that accommodate people from disadvantaged backgrounds by providing them with IT skills and job opportunities that can uplift them and their families livelihoods.


Techno Brain has partnered with The Rockefeller Foundation and their grantees including Samasource, World Vision US, Child Helpline Kenya among others to create opportunities for employment and training of these individuals. We have also partnered with various NGO’s to help promote Impact Sourcing by providing assistance in a range of areas such as Training and Strategic Consultations.

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