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Robotic Process Automation

Robotics Process Automation (RPA) is a technology platform or a software bot, that can be configured with business rules to build capabilities to perform tasks that emulate human execution of repetitive processes.

We guide our clients on best-fit approaches to create, design, and deploy solutions using our Probotics Automation Platform.

Application Areas/Use Cases

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  1. Procure- to- Pay – ensure that procurement best practices are followed and there’s a single source of truth for all transactions.
  2. Quote-to-cash – generate invoices to be sent to customers/ Faster service to customers
  3. Customer Onboarding – Improved customer experience.
  4. Data Migration, Validation & Updates
  5. Data Extraction
  6. Report Generation & Dissemination
  7. Mass email generation

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  1. Software installations
  2. Automated testing
  3. Opening up internal tools to customers or employees

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  1. Inventory records update
  2. Issuing Refunds

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  1. Employment history verification
  2. Candidate sourcing
  3. Payroll automation
  4. Leave management
  5. Worker’s compensation claims
  6. Expense management
  7. Virtual assistance

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  1. Lead nurturing
  2. Creating & Delivering Invoices
  3. Updating CRM & Scorecards

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  1. Bank statement reconciliation
  2. Daily P&L preparation
  3. Financial Planning & Analysis

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  1. Resolving simple customer issues
  2. Getting detailed billing data
  3. Client information updates
  4. Uploading detailed customer profiles.


Market Share

  • Banking Financial Services Insurance

  • BPO

  • Manufacturing CPG

  • Professional Legal Accountancy Services

  • Retail Trade

  • Technology

  • Utilities

Challenges and Solutions

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  • Expensive human errors?
  • Excessive costs maintaining disparate systems?
  • Struggling with talent management?
  • Compliance Requirements?
  • Budgets and approvals issues?

[/cq_vc_tab_item][cq_vc_tab_item tabtitle=”Solutions”]

  • Automation using Software robots that work 24/7 with accuracy and efficiency.
  • End-to-end automation works with all applications without any disruption.
  • RPA reduces errors for any user operating new applications or software.
  • RPA ensures that set processes are executed in accordance with policies.
  • RPA delivers corporate-wide business process improvement.



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