Robotic Process Automation

By automating routine, repetitive processes, RPA enables businesses to do more with less, allowing staff to concentrate on more valuable tasks.

You can automate tasks such as manual report creation in Excel, responding to emails, data manipulation and transfer, and client outreach, allowing your employees to focus on high-value activities such as relationship building.

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Robotics Process Automation (RPA) is a technology platform or a software bot, that can be configured with business rules to build capabilities to perform tasks that emulate human execution of repetitive processes.

We guide our clients on best-fit approaches to create, design, and deploy solutions using our Probotics Automation Platform.


Market Share

  1. Procure- to- Pay.
  2. Quote-to-cash.
  3. Customer Onboarding.
  4. Data Migration, Validation & Updates
  5. Data Extraction
  6. Report Generation & Dissemination
  7. Mass email generation


Customer Relationship Management
  1. Resolving simple customer issues
  2. Getting detailed billing data
  3. Client information updates
  4. Uploading detailed customer profiles
Human Resources
  1. Employment history verification
  2. Candidate sourcing
  3. Payroll automation
  4. Leave management
  5. Worker’s compensation claims
  6. Expense management
  7. Virtual assistance
Technology Support
  1. Software installations
  2. Automated testing
  3. Opening up internal tools to customers or employees
  1. Bank statement reconciliation
  2. Daily P&L preparation
  3. Financial Planning & Analysis
Sales & Marketing
  1. Lead nurturing
  2. Creating & Delivering Invoices
  3. Updating CRM & Scorecards
  1. Inventory records update
  2. Issuing Refunds

Challenges and Solutions

  • Expensive human errors?
  • Excessive costs maintaining disparate systems?
  • Struggling with talent management?
  • Compliance Requirements?
  • Budgets and approvals issues?
  • Automation using Software robots that work 24/7 with accuracy and efficiency.
  • End-to-end automation works with all applications without any disruption.
  • RPA reduces errors for any user operating new applications or software.
  • RPA ensures that set processes are executed in accordance with policies.
  • RPA delivers corporate-wide business process improvement.

Benefits of RPA

RPA provides several major benefits. The most immediate impact from RPA is that routine tasks are performed in an error-free, consistent manner. RPA also provides an audit trail of work performed, which can be valuable when the output of a process produces an unexpected result. In addition, RPA solutions can be configured to identify anomalies or red flags that may not be identifiable by an employee.



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