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Robotic Process Automation

Probotics is a special software technology offered by Techno Brain that deploys bots or digital workers who can take over any repetitive human actions and recurring tasks in your organization with 100% accuracy. It encompasses both Artificially Intelligent Chatbots and Robotics Process Automation. Large and small businesses are employing AI to perform complex tasks hence improving efficiency and driving down costs.

Probotics emulates the human execution of repetitive processes via the existing user interfaces. Robots augment the user by performing mundane, boring, and repetitive tasks enabling employees to engage in value-adding tasks.

Business Benefits

  • Productivity increase typically 80% or greater
  • Reduction of processing time and increase in accuracy
  • Adequately lower operation cost
  • Elevate customer satisfaction

RPA Use Cases

Telco: Automated Network Monitoring

Client Challenge: Manual troubleshooting and diagnosis of the customer connections to determine those with service degradation and loss of service

TBL Solution: Automating the process through robotic process automation. The robot goes into the system to check for connections that have service degradation, generates a report, and sends it to a dedicated team

Client Benefits: Proactive monitoring for better client service

Manufacturing: Loyalty Points Processing

Client Challenge: Manual processing of loyalty campaign promotions points processing

TBL Solution: Automating the loyalty points claims and processing by using RPA integration to connect the ERP, loyalty points system and bulk SMS providers for seamless information flow, loyalty codes validation and availing promotion benefits

Client Benefits: Reduction of processing time and faster time to benefit for clients to increase brand loyalty

RPA Case Studies

Digital Transformation for a Solar Manufacturer using Robotic Process Automation

Digital Transformation for an Airline using Robotic Process Automation

Digital Transformation for a Paint Manufacturer using Robotic Process Automation



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