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Criminal Tracking & Identification System

Availability of relevant and timely information is of utmost importance in conduct of business by Police, particularly in investigation of crime and in tracking & detection of criminals. Police organizations everywhere have been handling large amounts of information and huge volume of records pertaining to crime and criminals.

Automation can play a very vital role in improving outcomes in the areas of crime Investigation and criminal tracking and other functioning of law enforcement agencies, by facilitating easy recording, retrieval, analysis and sharing of Information.

Quick and timely information availability about different facets of law enforcement functions to the right functionaries can bring in a sea change both in crime & criminals handling and related operations, as well as administrative processes.

Key Modules

First Information Report

officers will be able to capture FIR on mobile devices directly from the Scene of Crime

Biometric matching engine

latent-latent, latent-ten print, palm print, facial recognition


generate artefacts and reports to assist in court hearings

Criminal attributes database

Analytics and Dashboards

Features & Benefits

Techno Brain’s criminal tracking and identification system assists agencies in connecting crime scenes to Court and increase conviction rate.

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  1. Built of the robust SecuRegister identity management platform
  2. Multi-language support
  3. Open architecture allows for quick and easy integration with relevant third-party systems
  4. Thin-clients allows for quick and cost-effective scaling and roll-out
  5. Cloud-ready: can be deployed in a Government cloud, if available
  6. Modular and quick implementation

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  1. Enhanced tools for investigation.
  2. Centralized crime and criminal information repository along with the criminal images and fingerprints with advanced search capabilities.
  3. Enhanced ability to analyze crime patterns and/ or modus operandi
  4. Faster turnaround time for the analysis results to reach the officers on the field.
  5. Reduced workload for the police stations back-office activities such as preparation of regular and ad-hoc reports and station records management.
  6. A collaborative knowledge-oriented environment where knowledge is shared across different regions and units.
  7. Better co-ordination and communication with external stakeholders through implementation of electronic information exchange systems.


Case Studies

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