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Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Migrate to AWS Cloud and Unlock Unlimited Possibilities for Your Business

As an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Select Tier Partner and Public Sector Partner, we provide a full range of AWS cloud infrastructure services, including designing, migrating, securing, maintaining, and monitoring your AWS environments. Our experience spans implementing projects in the Public Sector, BFSI, BPO, NGOs, Telco, and Healthcare domains.


Techno Brain is at the forefront of technological innovation, serving as a vital conduit between customers and cloud computing advancements. Our commitment to cutting-edge solutions aligns seamlessly with various customer objectives, enhancing services, optimizing resources, and ensuring data security. Techno Brain’s Select Partner status underscores our excellence within the AWS ecosystem, cementing our role as a pivotal driver of cloud transformation within customer environments.

Amazon Web Services s

Why so many Clients are moving to Cloud

Amazon Web Services s


Cloud DC complies to most Industry Standards and Government Standards


Redundancy of IT resources is quite effective to achieve on cloud because of multi-AZ architecture.

Security Threats

Security postures are shared responsibility of both the customer and the cloud provider.

Cloud providers spend millions of dollars every year to be ahead of the threat curve.

Customer Experience

Tech Startups aren’t disrupting any industry…

Customer Expectations Are!

Cost Reduction

Significantly reduce costs for your business by paying only for the computing resources you use and cutting the upfront costs required for traditional IT infrastructure.

Benefits of Cloud Computing to Your Organization

56.6 %
% Improved Security
% Improved Customer Service
% Business Efficiency
% Scalability
% Agility / Operational Flexibility
24.6 %
% Increased Market Share
% Cost Saving
% Time to Market Speed

Source : World Wide Worx – Cloud in Africa 2023

Sustainability and ESG Goals

Reduced Carbon Footprint

  1. Renewable Energy Commitment: AWS is committed to environmental sustainability and operates data centers powered by renewable energy sources. Partnering with AWS can help you reduce your carbon footprint, contributing to their environmental sustainability and ESG goals.
  2. Carbon Neutrality: AWS has achieved carbon neutrality, making it an ideal choice for businesses striving to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and operate in an environmentally responsible manner.

Efficient Resource Utilization

  1. Automatic Scaling: AWS allows workloads to automatically scale up or down based on demand. This ensures that resources are used efficiently, reducing energy consumption during periods of lower demand.
  2. Energy-Efficient Infrastructure: AWS data centers are designed to be highly energy-efficient, utilizing the latest technologies to minimize power consumption.
Cost Savings

Pay-as-you-Go Model

  1. Cost Control: AWS operates on a pay-as-you-go model, where governments are billed only for the computing resources they consume. This eliminates the need for large upfront capital investments and allows for more accurate budgeting.
  2. Reduced Capital Expenditure: Governments can reduce their capital expenditure on data center maintenance, upgrades, and hardware investments, reallocating these resources to other critical public services.
  3. Economies of Scale: AWS leverages economies of scale to provide cost-effective solutions, resulting in lower costs for governments compared to maintaining and operating on-premises data centers.
Backup, Testing, and Development Environments

Scalable Environments

  1. Resource Flexibility: AWS offers on-demand scalability, enabling governments to quickly provision or de-provision resources for backup, testing, and development environments. This agility ensures that computing resources match the specific needs of projects, resulting in cost savings and operational efficiency.
  2. Faster Time-to-Market: AWS facilitates rapid development and testing of applications, reducing time-to-market for new public services, which is crucial for responding to citizen needs.

Data Durability

  1. Data Resilience: AWS provides high data durability and availability through redundancy and data replication. This ensures that government data remains secure and accessible even in the event of hardware failures or other unforeseen incidents.
  2. Data Recovery: AWS offers robust data recovery solutions, reducing the risk of data loss and ensuring the continuity of critical government functions.
Security and Compliance

Comprehensive Security Features

  1. AWS Compliance: AWS adheres to stringent security and compliance standards, including ISO 27001, HIPAA, and FedRAMP, making it well-suited for government agencies with strict security requirements.
  2. Identity and Access Management: AWS provides robust identity and access management tools, enabling governments to control and monitor access to sensitive data and resources.
  3. Encryption: AWS offers strong encryption for data in transit and at rest, ensuring data confidentiality and integrity.

Data Sovereignty and Jurisdiction

  1. Data Center Locations: AWS has data centers in multiple regions, allowing governments to choose the location that complies with their data sovereignty and jurisdictional requirements.
  2. Legal and Regulatory Compliance: AWS assists governments in navigating the complex legal and regulatory landscape, ensuring compliance with local and international laws.
Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
  1. Resilience: AWS provides robust disaster recovery and business continuity solutions, minimizing downtime and ensuring that government operations continue in the face of disruptions
  2. Geographic Redundancy: Governments can leverage AWS’s multiple data center regions for geographic redundancy, ensuring that data and services remain accessible in case of regional outages or disasters.

Our Cloud Offering

Cloud Consulting & Migration Services
  • Strategy for Cloud Adoption
  • Cloud Assessment & Readiness
  • Cloud Foundation & Migration
  • Windows workload migration
Cloud FinOps
  • FinOps Adoption Roadmap
  • Visibility & Allocation
  • Optimize Rates & Usage
  • Organizational Alignment
Cloud DevOps
  • Discovery, Assessment & Planning
  • DevOps Strategy
  • Pilot Implementation
  • Training
  • Core Implementation
Backup, DR & Dev-Test
  • Cloud Backup
  • DR on Cloud
  • Resilient & Agile Dev-Test Environment
  • Seamless Migration of Dev-Test Environment
Cloud Security
  • Cloud Security Assessment
  • Cloud Risk Management
  • Compliance and Regulatory
Managed Services
  • Cloud Infra Monitoring
  • Administration & Troubleshooting
  • Cloud Compliance Management
Application Innovation
  • Application Modernization
  • Cloud Native Development
  • Database Modernization
Value Added Services
  • Well Architected Review
  • Proof of Concepts
  • Microsoft & Oracle License Optimization

Techno Brain's Cloud Expertise

Migration Assessment Service
  1. Techno Brain offers a comprehensive migration assessment service to evaluate the readiness of the government’s workloads for the cloud.
  2. This service acts as a baseline guide, providing a clear roadmap for the migration process, reducing the risk of disruptions and ensuring a smooth transition to the cloud.
Expert Guidance
  1. Techno Brain’s certified AWS professionals will provide expert guidance and support throughout the digital transformation journey.
  2. This includes identifying the most suitable AWS services, managing the migration process, and optimizing cloud resources for efficiency.
24/7 Support
  1. Techno Brain offers round-the-clock support to ensure the government’s cloud infrastructure is secure, reliable, and performing optimally.

Techno Brain – Cloud Value Proposition

A robust and vibrant partner ecosystem
Highly Skilled & certified resources
  • Certified resources
  • Certifications across different services
  • multi-specialty and extensive experience across various services
Solutions aligned to today’s business needs
  • Application Innovation
  • DevOps/ Automation
  • Cloud Security
  • Well-Architected Review
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • FinOps
  • Microsoft & Oracle License Optimization
Comprehensive assistance in cloud journey
  • Cloud Strategy
  • Cloud Assessment
  • Cloud Foundation
  • Cloud Migration
  • Cloud Managed Services

Why Work with Us

We are global leaders in next-generation digital solutions and consulting services, currently operating in 15 countries and creating 1300 high tech jobs globally. Techno Brain has achieved leadership positions in areas such as Public Financial Management, Digital Identity Management, Tax & Customs, Business Process Outsourcing, a host of e-Government solutions and Digital products.















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