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Governments across the world demand for a secure infrastructure, accessed via the internet along with the necessary legislation to implement them. Techno Brain in its efforts to lead governments and organizations towards digital transformation, launched an Electronic Identification System (“e-ID”). This is a digital solution that assesses the authenticity of the identity of citizens or organizations and enables the access to benefits or services provided by government authorities, banks and mobile payment platforms.


e-ID solutions improve security, reduces the risk of ID fraud and run on electronic applications to improve public services. Data is subjected to a stringent validation and verification processes, ensuring that each applicant is registered only once. The ID cards can be used by a wide range of services, is highly durable and capable of storing vast amounts of information.


Our smart card-based solution helps organizations stay ahead via proactive citizen protection, better control in immigration services, and robust ID checking. Our range of professional solutions can be delivered either as individual systems or using a managed service option. The solution captures different biometric features and registers demographic data of applicants.

e-ID Overview

Election and Voting

Secure online verification

Immigration/border control/travel

EMR & Access to Healthcare

Access to government services

Age Verification

Driver's license and Vehicle Registration

Citizen transaction validation

Sim and bank Account registration

Configurable Business Process

Identity Registration

During Initial registration, knowing the applicant is a vital part of building a robust and reliable civil registry.

Identity Verification & Validation

After acquisition of personal data, background verification is performed on the applicant’s identity, uniqueness and eligibility in compliance with local regulations and privacy laws.

Identity Creation & Management

After identity verification, a unique applicant identifier is curated with personal data being securely stored in the civil registry.

Card Life-cycle management

As soon as an order to produce a card is received, we track and trace its status.

Has it been produced?

Has it been sent to the remote issuance site?

Has it been delivered to its rightful owner?

We manage the card throughout its lifetime — Expired/Stolen/Renewed

Card Issuance

Before issuance of the ID Card we perform further identity verification to ensure we are delivering the card to the right owner.

Card Personalization

Once the right to an identity document is granted, we need to create a mail-able, durable, secure, personalized card.

Features & Benefits

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  • Single-handed processes of Identity Cards
  • Data validation & verification.
  • Links with other services e.g. Banking Services
  • Capturing of biometric features such as fingerprint, signature, and iris.
  • Registers demographic data of applicants.
  • Capability to store information.
  • Accomodates new biometrics or personal data.

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  • Improves public confidence.
  • Strengthens National Security.
  • Tackles people trafficking, illegal working, and immigration abuse.
  • Protects citizens from the risk of identity fraud and theft.
  • Ensures free public services are delivered to those entitled to them.
  • Reduces fraudulent benefit claims.
  • Enables convenient access to public services.


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