The Driver’s License Issuance System for Transport Authorities

The Driver’s License Issuance System for Transport Authorities

Roads Transport Authority (RTA) license issuance system did not have real time access from other sites within the country in regard to registration and licensing of motor vehicle operators, the recording and authorization of driving licenses and professional driving permits. They had a relatively large turn-around time for processing new driving license, and vehicle registration. They also lacked a seamless collaboration between various government departments through on-line sharing of critical information, especially with the treasury, Banks, driving schools and insurance bidders and enforcement bidders. Finally they lacked effective higher internal control for delivery of driver license, vehicle certificate of fitness and road tax and effective process for identifying and countering fraud.

Techno Brain was selected to provide a Driver’s License Issuance System, for the license issuance business of the RTA. The solution has enabled both RTA and their customers to access the system. The solution enabled RTA to be more interactive and transparent with its customers in terms of business, business relations, company policies and its terms of service. Major Features of Techno Brain’s Solution:

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