Kirinyaga County Government Revenue Collection & Management System, Kenya

Kirinyaga County Government Revenue Collection & Management System, Kenya

The county governments came into place as a means of devolved government units. The County Government of Kirinyaga is located in located in central Kenya.
With guidance from the National treasury in passing and setting of various bills that citizenry will be obligated to pay for goods and services rendered, county governments are tasked with collection and management of revenue.

In 2014, the County Government of Kirinyaga initiated an ICT transformational programme aimed at utilizing technology to improve citizen service delivery, increase efficiency and enhance revenue collection. One of the solutions identified was a revenue collection and management solution which was expected to provide convenient payment channels for citizens and increase efficiency and effectiveness of the revenue collection process.

The proposed solution was to ensure transparency of the revenue collection process, embed control mechanisms and ensure data security and reliability
Techno Brain implemented its Revenue Management System. This solution is web based and hosted centrally. It can be accessed using a standard web browser dependent on assigned roles.

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