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Airports can ensure that travelers evade the long queues and get through passport control quickly via the use of eGates. eGates serve as automated barriers which are deployed at immigration checkpoints across airports globally. eGates use biometric recognition technology to verify an individual’s identity against the data stored in their ePassports. eGates can be accessible only by individuals who possessed ePassports.

Techno Brain’s eGates solution is highly user friendly, safe, and uses self-service clearance. Designed to ensure that only one person gains access for each authorized card, our eGates solution allows travelers fast access without jeopardizing security. In addition, Techno Brain’s eGates solution can be integrated with a fire alarm system, so that in emergency situations, the barriers automatically open in the exit direction to allow travellers to quickly make an emergency exit.

Why eGates?

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  • Uses biometric recognition technology to verify the user’s identity against the data stored in the chip in their biometric passport
  • Allows visitors fast access through electronically controlled gates without jeopardizing security
  • It uses self-service clearance
  • Designed to ensure only one person gains access for each authorized card presented
  • User friendly and safe
  • Can integrate with a fire alarm system so that in an emergency the barriers automatically open in the exit direction to allow for free emergency exit

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  • Improves security and efficiency
  • Passenger satisfaction
  • Cuts labour costs
  • Intelligently controls traffic flow while maximizing throughput
  • Quick response motion ensures quick user acceptance
  • Deters unauthorized entry attempts
  • Compatible with all access control systems
  • Compliant with most international disability regulations Benefits


Case Study

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