Trips Investigations

The Investigation Module allows an Investigations Officer, with sufficient access rights, to create an Investigation Case in the system. The manual creation of an Investigation Case may be triggered by external tip-offs of suspected fraudulent activity or by suspicions based on analysis of a Taxpayer’s returns and compliance.
Investigations cases are created by an investigation officer in the system The Investigations Officer selects the Taxpayer from the list, enters the details of the Investigation Case and saves it. Applying relevant business rules, the system performs validation checks and, if the validation is successful, a new Investigation Case is created. The investigation case can also be raised on a Non-Taxpayer


The investigation workflow includes the following activities to be performed by authorized users with required levels of authority:

  1. Assignment of the Investigation Case to relevant work group or an individual Officer.
  2. Approval of an Investigations Case Strategy.
  3. Creation of Investigations Instruction/Notes.
  4. Approval of Investigation Report.
  5. Review of a Preliminary Report.
  6. Review of Investigation Report.
  7. Approval of Investigation Report.
  8. Review of Demand Notice.
  9. Recommendation to Prosecute.


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