Trips E-services

Trips+ E-Services provides Revenue authorities with the tools required to support the configuration of their business process workflows as well as their business rules.
Trips+ E-Services Improves the interaction between Taxpayers and Tax Authorities by delivering a robust and easy to use Platform allowing all stakeholders to leverage the following advantages:

Trips+ E-Services Modules

Faster Processing

Submissions are online and promptly acted on thus faster turnaround time

Improved Accuracy

In Build validation rules will identify errors immediately and prompt the tax-payers to make corrections thus minimizing entry errors

Instant Feedback

Trips+ E-Services allows for Prompt feedback to the Taxpayers upon submission of all transactions

Trips+ E-Services Comprises of the following three modules




Taxpayers accessing Trips+ E-Services are supported in the following ways;

Providing information and assistance to the Taxpayer through multiple channels such as mobile, web, video and voice.

Enabling Taxpayers to transact business with the tax authority 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Trips+ E-Services is integrated with the Tax Authorities ITAS. To the users, the integration is seamless. They simply access the portal and select the menu options required for the actions they wish to achieve.
Taxpayer documents submitted on-line are seamlessly transmitted from the portal to the core services.


  1. Intuitive and easy to use
  2. Designed for mobiles, PCs, Tablets
  3. Zero Client Configuration
  4. Online reminders and notices
  5. FAQs Available
  6. User Friendly
  1. Flexibility through discrete re-useable services that can be used by many business processes.
  2. Easily extendable new services to extend functionality can be added as required.
  3. Security and scalability through separation of user interface from business process and data access layers.
  4. Central Maintenance centrally maintained, patched and upgraded.
  5. Simple to deploy and manage.
  6. Open standards – All technologies used are internationally agreed open standards.
  7. Integration – the systems open standards are compatible with other systems
  8. Business Process Management layer mapped against real world business processing.
  9. Thin client with zero deployment requirements at workstations.



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