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Cloud Adoption and Migration Services.


Microsoft Certified Consultants


Projects Completed across Africa, US and Asia


ERP Deployments in Public Sector and NGO/NPO sector


End Users Trained


Rollout of Solutions across 4 continents


Million citizens benefitting from the solution

Resource Augmentation Services

Resource Augmentation services from Techno Brain can provide critical skillsets for IT objectives, filling gaps in your current team and providing staffing solutions that will help ensure your technology initiatives keep pace with your business needs.

Evaluation is the analysis of the effectiveness and direction of any activity and involves making a judgment about progress and impact.


  • QA Testers (Manual and Automation)
  • UI/UX Designers/Developers
  • MS Azure Cloud Engineers
  • Microsoft D365 Consultants
  • Microsoft Azure Consultant
  • SharePoint and .net Consultants
  • Microsoft Database Consultants


  • Access certified IT professionals including Project Managers, Architects, Systems/Business Analysts, Software Developers, Infrastructure Specialists, and more
  • Gain critical skillsets for your IT operations
  • Benefit from project-specific delivery expertise
  • Support your IT operations – there is flexibility to ramp up or down during peak and off-peak durations


Well-defined process focusing on a mix of technical and soft skills to hire the right resources.


One week of training to reinforce technical concepts. Imparts client environmental specific training


Continuous learning & development program ensures that resources are up to date with relevant skills

Custom and Open-Source Implementation

Custom-built solutions are the best fit when the customer has a unique defined process. We can choose the look and feel, the features, the functionality, the tool-set, the workflow mechanisms, the user participation, administrative interface, the reports, and the integrations with 3rd party software, such as ERP tools, marketing optimization tools, and the likes. Open-source solutions can be customized to meet business needs in a much faster and robust manner.


  • Cost savings typically range from 40% to 50% compared to license software in long run through removing recurring cost
  • Enhanced portability
  • Vendor neutrality
  • Reduced development times
  • Flexibility for meeting specific needs (not available with proprietary licensed software)
  • Long term customer support, fixes, enhancements, and software updates from the wide user base

Azure Application Migration

Azure provides a powerful cloud platform that is highly suitable for large enterprise IT environments with stringent compliance and data protection requirements. Azure Application Migration is the Techno Brain’s key of offering from its selected service Areas. following Azure area, Techno Brain mainly focus:

  • Architecture Revamp: This approach involves modification, optimization, and deployment of apps (that demand high agility, scalability, and resilience) to the Cloud platform.
  • Restructure: This approach involves the redevelopment of applications from scratch using cloud-based technologies by using Azure PaaS.
  • Subjective to Code Changes: This strategy involves some changes only to the application code, leaving other significant aspects. The user can leverage the benefits of IaaS and PaaS derivatives such as Azure App Service, Azure Functions and Azure SQL Database Managed containers.
  • Lift-Shift Policy: It is suitable for legacy migrations and teams with limited Cloud computing and Azure skills can leverage this strategy

Sharepoint Migration Services

SharePoint migration is the process of making existing content accessible in SharePoint or Office 365. Generally, this means Migrating functionality and content from a source environment—such as file shares, SharePoint Server, Box, or Google Drive—to any version of SharePoint or SharePoint Online. Techno Brain implementing a SharePoint solution since Microsoft launched its first version. Techno Brain has long experience and competency to help customers in their SharePoint Migration Strategy.

Migration to SharePoint Online or Office 365

Migration to SharePoint Online or Office 365. We assist organizations in moving their SharePoint solution to the cloud along with preserving the functional on-premises capabilities and bringing cloud-only advantages.

Hybrid migration

Hybrid migration. We carry out-migration to a hybrid SharePoint environment to let companies take advantage of both the on-premises and the cloud deployments while upholding scalability and expanding collaboration opportunities. We also migrate hybrid SharePoint solutions to the cloud environment.

Migration from third-party solutions to SharePoint

Migration from third-party solutions to SharePoint. We ensure seamless migration to SharePoint on-premises or SharePoint Online to let organizations create a centralized collaboration-oriented working environment.

Document/Content Management System

For any organization information and data are contained in an electronic format. For Large organizations case studies, surveys, project planning are regular operations which results large set of documents. Imaging documents is only the first step in organizing digital information. Without a document management system in place to automate, secure, and potentiate documents’ value as mission-critical assets to an organization, the information contained in these documents will not deliver its full value. CMS  is the core component for any Knowledge management or DMS solution.

  • Techno Brain has deployed DMS\CMS solution across Africa for Governments and the NGO sector
  • Inhouse capability of functional and Technical consultants
  • Large pool of Microsoft SharePoint/O365 Certified professionals
  • Provides on-premises and Cloud-based DMS solution
SharePoint Document Management-01

Monitoring and Evaluation System

Techno Brain provides Project Monitoring & Evaluation System, to NGOs, Governments, Public sector organizations. Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) are two distinct sets of activities that enable organizations to measure the project performance during each phase of the project life cycle.

Monitoring is systematic, regular collection and occasional analysis of information to identify and possibly measure changes over a period of time. It involves the tracking of project outputs and outcomes as indicators of project effectiveness or the extent to which the project achieves its stated objectives.

Evaluation is the analysis of the effectiveness and direction of an activity and involves making a judgment about progress and impact.

Monitoring and Evaluation-01
Activity Planning and Implementation
  • Definition of Project name and title
  • Activity creation & planning
  • Indicator association with activity
  • Target assignment
  • Record baseline & actuals
Solution General Functionalities
  • Web-based solution
  • Ability to generate custom reports
  • Easy to use system and that has user logins with pre-defined roles and access rights to the system and
  • Ability to create users and user groups.
Dashboards and Reports
  • Plan Details Dashboard
  • Indicators performance Dashboards
  • Goals Library Report
  • Plan details report
  • Overall Framework report
  • Detail framework report
  • Definition of inputs
  • Macro Strategies library
  • Goals Library
  • Long term targets library
  • Indicators library

Digital Transformation

Managed IT Services

Application Modernization

Application Development

Resource Augmentation

Quality Assurance Services


  • Azure DevOps
  • Java, .NET, PHP etc

Cloud Migration


Fundraising Management

Financial Management

Reporting & Business Intelligence

Grants Management

Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit

Common Data Model

Monitoring & Evaluation Systems

Document Management Systems


Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics Finance

Microsoft 365 (Sharepoint, Office 365, Teams etc.)

Microsoft PowerBI

Microsoft Power Platform

    • Power Automate
    • PowerBI
    • Power Virtual Agents
    • Power Apps

Microsoft Azure

    • Azure Active Directory
    • Azure Compute
      • Azure Virtual Machines
      • Azure Kubernetes Service
    • Azure Functions
    • SQL Server on Virtual Machines
    • Azure SQL
    • Azure Migrate
    • Azure Backup

Windows Virtual Desktop


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